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Please Choose Me
(15 minutes documentary)
What is documentary truth? Can reality ever be represented fully or accurately in a documentary? Or is a documentary film the filmmaker's version of reality? A central debate in documentary film making and theory is the issue of the filmmaker’s bias and perspective. One the one hand is the contention that documentaries should represent the ‘truth’ in an objective and balanced manner. On the other hand is the view that documentaries are films, and though they represent real people in real situations, it really is up to the filmmaker to decide what he or she wants to portray – i.e. it is the filmmaker’s story. In addition, the move from analog film making and editing to digital has substantially increased the flexibility filmmakers have to construct a story from a given database of raw audio and video footage. What then, is the link between documentary and ‘reality’? These questions lie at the heart of 'Please Choose Me', a reflexive documentary on the life of Ana Lubang, a Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong. The film juxtaposes Ana's chaotic and difficult family life (different lovers, a child out of wedlock, a seriously ill son), with her aspirations and her desire to live a somewhat 'normal' life. The film also sheds light on one of the most important issues that arise from the phenomenon of the millions of migrant domestic workers not just from the Philippines, but from developing countries across Asia working in cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and across the Middle East (their stories are almost the same) - the complete breakdown of family, difficult and often disastrous personal relationships, and the resultant mental agony the helpers go through. Ana’s story is the story of millions of women escaping poverty to work in other people’s homes to provide for their families. While the film seems like a straightforward depiction of Ana's life, what's left out in the film (but available to the filmmaker) seeks to question the relevance of some fundamentals of documentary representation - objectivity, presenting an 'accurate' picture of events and 'truth', and reflect upon the essence of documentary itself. Documentary film making is essentially a series of choices made by the filmmaker, and these choices, in turn, craft the perception of the subject in the mind of the viewer
Hong Kong Space Museum
14th October 2017
Border Crossing — International Festival of Intermedia 越過界 | 國際跨媒體藝術節 2017)
"Moments Beyond Schizophrenia 一念唔明"

Shortlisted for the Hong Kong Human Rights Prize 2017

Exhibition at Blindspot Art Gallery, Hong Kong.